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Play Pals Birth to Three play group meetings at Crisfield Library Tuesdays at 10:00  and Thursdays at Princess Anne Library at 10:00. 
Contact the Somerset County Judy Center at 410-651-1275 (Princess Anne) or 410-968-1295 (Crisfield). Like us on Facebook and stay up to date on all of Judy Center and Partner activities.
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This is a great website and resource for families of young children.

The Judith P. Hoyer Early Child Care and Family Education Centers or "Judy Center Partnerships" were created by the Maryland State Department of Education and serve children birth through Kindergarten and their families in an effort to increase the number of children  entering school ready to learn. Judy Centers promote school readiness through collaboration with community-based agencies, organizations and local businesses.  The goal of the Judy Center is to improve school readiness skills of children birth -five in the Princess Anne/Greenwood Elementary School areas and birth - Pre K in Crisfield area.

 Who benefits from the Somerset Judy Center?

  • Children in the Princess Anne, Greenwood Elementary School, and Crisfield Community will benefit.   Children birth through kindergarten will be provided fun and exciting learning opportunities in all of the domains of learning throughout the entire year. Children with disabilities or special needs will be provided with interventions that may ensure greater school success.
  • Parents of young children in the Princess Anne and Crisfield community will benefit because there will be many opportunities to become more involved in their child's education, increase their parenting skills and their own educational level.  We will also provide many rich family-oriented activities.
  • Somerset County Public Schools will benefit because children will enter school better prepared to learn in school.  Parents will become more involved and, through early intervention, developmental delays and speech issues will be remedied before children enter the primary grades.  This has social, as well as financial benefits for our school system.
  • Our Community will benefit:  Community organizations serving children and families will coordinate efforts and assist each other, getting much more “bang for your buck”.  The Judy Center will help create a more successful workforce by aiding in adult education/ parent education/ nutrition and health initiatives etc.  The Judy Center funding will also help the community leverage additional funds for additional projects.
  • The state will benefit because more children will enter our public schools with the skills needed to succeed and they will continue to succeed throughout life. 

 Looking for Child Care?

Finding licensed child care can be a challenge for families. The Somerset County Judy Center can provide your family with a list of local child care providers or you may visit any of the sites below to find free assistance:




Lower Shore Child Care Resource Center


LOCATE: Child Care


Maryland State Department of Education - Early Childhood

Maryland EXCELS



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