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Each of the elementary, middle and high schools in Somerset County provides special education and related services for students who are identified as eligible for service. The system provides a continuum of services ranging from consultation to general education personnel through placements in nonpublic schools.
Continuum of Services

The Somerset County Public School System, Department of Special Education, advocates for a continuum of special education services and placement considerations for all students with disabilities. Services and placements range from indirect services through residential services. All decisions regarding the placement of a child with a disability in a special education service delivery model will be made by an Individualized Education Program (IEP) team in consultation with the parents or guardians of the child and consistent with the Least Restrictive Environment requirements of the Federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

Consultation or indirect service can accomplish the following:
Provide the general educator with guidance from the special education teacher on appropriate strategies for instruction, behavior management, data collection, observation, and feedback in the general education setting.
Facilitate service delivery through ongoing communication between general and special educators and related service providers.
Assistance in completing functional behavioral assessment (FBA) and developing a behavioral intervention plan (BIP) to address areas of concern.

Some students may need more supports and services in order to access the general curriculum but are still able to learn in the general education setting. The direct service delivery model within the general education classroom can provide the following:
Direct special education instruction within the least restrictive environment of the general education classroom through team teaching, co-teaching, and collaborative instructional models.
Direct support for individual students by the special education teacher or instructional assistant by making adaptations or modifications to the general education curriculum and assessments.
Individualized or small group instruction to meet the academic and behavior needs of the student, either within the general education classroom or with pull-aside resource services for specific skill development.


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